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SCOOTER JIBS OF THE DAY: Tommy Christiana – Welcome to Pro

Tommy Christiana has worked his way up the ranks with District and Eagle Supply, and is now on their pro teams. Whether he’s jibbing a little manual pad, or boosting out of a quarter pipe, he always seems to throw down something crazy. Click play!

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SCOOTER JIBS OF THE DAY: James Campbell – Welcome to Grit Scooters

James Campbell hits a great variety of parks in this welcome edit for Grit Scooters.

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That awkward, clingy feeling of helmet-hair in the making, courtesy of a heavy, stuffy helmet? Pretty bad. Getting a concussion from a nasty spill because you decided not to wear one? Way worse.

Harsh knows that while discomfort is no reason not to wear a helmet, it can be both annoying and distracting. Their fix for this is the HX1.

Traditional shock-absorbing liners are made separate from the helmet itself, and glued to the inside of a plastic shell. Harsh’s ‘Overmold’ foam machining process binds the EPS foam liner directly to the injection-molded ABS outer shell. This allows the HX1 to be 50% lighter than your average helmet, and still meet ASTM/CE/CPSC safety standards.

Angled, omnidirectional vents and airy, sweat-absorbing foam padding help keep your head cool and dry. The pads are removable too, so you can throw ‘em in the washing machine and keep them fresh.

The HX1 comes in a range of sizes from XS to M, and features a riveted, fully adjustable chin strap for a firm and comfortable fit at any size. It’s  available from the online store in 5 colour options.

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Jibs All-Wheels Classic Photos

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the All-Wheels Classic jam last weekend. Many good times were had, prizes were won, and tricks were landed! Check out the photos below:

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SCOOTER JIBS OF THE DAY: Grit Academy Tour – Round 6

Check out this edit from round 6 of Grit‘s Academy Tour through the UK. Congrats to Connor Carter for winning first place, which includes a one-year sponsorship on the Grit Academy team.

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