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SCOOTER JIBS OF THE DAY: Madd Gear – Summer Madness

Madd Gear’s Ryan Williams, Archie Cole, Gus Rymer, Jeremy Malott, Jamie Hull, Jared Colwell and Richard Zelinka rip some of the UK’s best parks, and the footage is a little insane. There’s too many good clips to list!

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The V3 Double and Triple clamps from Lucky are designed to be strong, reliable, and stylish. They’re extruded and machined from a unique 7000 series alloy which is stronger than common 6061 alloy. Designed to be installed on any 1-3/8″ oversized scooter bar, these clamps will keep your bars in place. Choose the double clamp for the lowest weight, or the triple if you ride hard and need the extra clamping power.

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SCOOTER JIBS OF THE DAY: Lucky Scooters West Coast Tour

Blake Bailor, Evan Yamada, and James Gee all know that it’s really about the perfect dog to mustard ratio. Enjoy special appearances from Bayley Maxcy and Brent Ikedah as well! Check out our selection of Lucky parts and accessories online!


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Integrated headsets are one of those components that are pretty standard. They’ve been well refined over the years, so there isn’t a lot of variation in features or quality. That means to stand out, it’s all about the details.

The Envy Integrated Headset is available in four popular colours, and features sleek laser-etched logos. The dust cover is simple but distinctive with its two rubber seals that keep out dust and moisture. Each headset includes two thin shims which are meant to be installed under the dust cap if needed for perfect preload with no rubbing or binding. The cartridge bearings, crown race, and compression ring are typical of any quality scooter headset, and sure to take a beating. The Envy Integrated Headset is certainly on par with any of our other offerings, but its rubber seals and included adjustment shims set it apart from the rest!

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SCOOTER JIBS OF THE DAY: How To Kickless Rewind

Corey Funk shows you step-by-step how to learn kickless rewinds in the great little tutorial from Lucky Scooters. Hit play, and up your game!

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